Els van Steijn (1969) graduated from the Hotel School, The Hague. There, she learned the essentials of professional management, hospitality and achieving objectives in a world where contrasting interests can play a role. Further development came in the years that followed, thanks to a variety of positions in the service industry: management roles, leading major change processes, project management and concept development. Els has been working as team trainer, coach and constellation facilitator since 2002. Common feedback about her work includes:

  • She knows how to trigger people and provides energy in a calm way.
  • She gives clarity to complicated issues. Which gives control.
  • She identifies sore points and get to the essence of issues.
  • Her manner of giving feedback means that people can accept it while still maintaining their own self-worth. This creates insight into blind spots.
  • Results are visible quickly.

In 2008, Els established her own coaching practice. She has been able to guide hundreds of clients in their personal and professional growth. Thanks to the power of word-of-mouth, she now has a blooming business.  

Freedom, quality, growth and integrity are a number of her values. As a result, she has obtained all relevant professional qualifications and continues to develop based on this solid foundation. Since 2016, she’s been able to add ‘author’ to the list trainer, coach and constellation facilitator. The book, ‘The Fountain, Find your Place’ has provided support for many people. Often, it’s an eye-opener.

In her private life, Els likes to spend her time actively (work-outs in the gym and (mountain) walking), travelling (from local to far away, from primitive to luxurious), reading and enjoying the good life with family and friends.


Individual coaching (for both personal and work goals), team coaching, executive coaching, family constellations, organisational constellations, masterclasses and lectures about group dynamics and systemic work, facilitating the collaboration of merged departments, organisations or management buyouts.


  • 'Els has a warm personality and lots of coaching experience. Els has played an important role in the preparation of my Mount Everest expedition. She knows how to get the best out of people and does this with practical tips and empathy. The good thing about Els is that you always leave feeling good about yourself.’ Niels van Buren, successful climber of Mount Everest in 2016.
  • 'I travelled an extraordinary path with Els as an exceptionally strong, welcome and honest navigator. Els managed to simplify my complex questions and make them tangible. At the same time, Els provided me with many tools. This has enabled me to gain countless insights, become more powerful and learn to trust in myself should I once again be faced with an important crossroad.’  - D.R. from Amsterdam.
  • 'In consultation with Els, I set out a course of six sessions during which we addressed my personal and business side, aimed at achieving my learning goals. This led to the development of new skills, but also to new insights. Because I dared to confront myself, challenged by Els, I’ve for example learned what my true norms and values are. This has provided a strong framework for my daily tasks as director within local government. Els also had me look at things from a different point of view than I was used to, and I went in search of things that inspired me and I found meaningful. I see this as a very welcome gift from my coaching programme with Els.’ - H.L.
  • 'Thanks to Els’ coaching my life has literally started flowing in the ‘right’ direction again. As constellation facilitator, Els has a keen sense of what is going on at a deeper level (or levels). Consequently, unconscious patterns became visible to me. With her transparent imagery and guidance, the puzzle pieces of my life came together. It suddenly became clear to me why I did things the way I did, and I regained the freedom to choose my own path. With her warm, accessible and direct approach, Els has given me life-changing insights, both relationship-wise and professionally. It’s an experience I’m pleased to share with others, and think everyone deserves.' - C.K. from Rotterdam.
  • 'I always managed to handle setbacks and problems and resolve things myself. Until my business wasn’t going well anymore and I was unable to turn things around. In dialogue with Els, the reasons quickly became clear. Practical solutions automatically presented themselves. Els’ clear and pragmatic approach has helped me rediscover my own path in my business and private life.' - E.B. from Haarlem.
  • 'The journey I went on with Els has been an invaluable experience for me. It made me more conscious. It taught me how to be true to my core self in everything I do, more gentle and reliant on my intuition.  Thanks to Els, there is now an even stronger and most of all shinier version of me. - D.C. from Amsterdam.
  • This thorough coach put me back on track following an unhealthy relationship. Through the ‘Fountain Principle’, Els provided me with insight into old ‘sore points’. Something that my sons are now benefitting from. The ideal combination for me was individual coaching and participation in a constellation day. Els leads such a day professionally and creates a relaxed atmosphere. Since then, many things have become clear to me, meaning I am more self-confident. Els is fantastic. Full stop.' - N.H. from Amsterdam.



The arrival of the metaphor of 'The Fountain' that Els has developed, also signalled the creation of her new logo.  

Above, you can see how the logo has changed from the old to the new version. Both logos, and what they represent, have a large place in her heart.





Els is described by her clients as warm, professional, passionate about what she does and able to identify sore spots. Her metaphor of ‘The Fountain’ is often the missing piece of the puzzle that enables you to move on.

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As an individual or as a team, you’re looking for a way to realise your goals. Coaching provides you with a mirror, so you can become even more aware of what is happening. Subsequently, you will learn how to deal with this appropriately. You can be coached individually, but also as a team.

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As a human being, you’re part of a network of relationships, also called a ‘System’. The resulting pull influences you both consciously and unconsciously. This is relevant to both families and within organisations. How can you make this dynamic visible and manageable?

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