What Are Constellations?

Family or organisational constellations are extremely effective methods to gain insight into the field of influence you’re manoeuvring through. A constellation is a visualisation of the pattern, and the accompanying dynamic you encounter. This can be in terms of both your private and your professional life.

During a constellation we will ‘look systemically’. Which means: taking into account the enormous web that connects all the people and events within a family or organisation that effect the past, present and future.

During a constellation, all the elements relating to the field of influence of your question or stalled process will be identified. This is achieved by giving a problem a central role, for example that a lot of what you do doesn’t end well. Or that you far too frequently take on responsibilities that aren’t yours, or always have a problem with authority.

Other participants serve as representatives of the people around you and arrange themselves in a certain way in the space, an arrangement that exactly replicates your situation. The constellation clarifies how you are positioned in relation to other people. Blind spots become visible. After the diagnosis, possible interventions will be identified, so that you and your system become even more empowered. A constellation facilitates the emergence of solution paths. You’re provided with another perspective on a situation, that will work through to your life as a whole. Naturally, it will become clear what you must do.  

Participants of the constellation days are often a little nervous in advance. Experience shows that most people feel enriched and empowered having participated. Space is also created, that wasn’t felt previously. Solution paths emerge, making it clear what you must do to address your question adequately.

Family Constellations

A family is a system where everyone has his own place and where everyone is inextricably linked to the other. A family system is intertwined by destiny. With a family constellation you will experience how it feels to stand in your place in your family system, and the effects should this not be the case. You will not only become aware of the dynamics you are dealing with on a rational level, you’ll feel it in your body too. You’ll also often get a renewed sense of your own potential.  


Organisational Constellation

An organisation has a kind of memory, in which the entire history of the system is stored. This means that all that’s happened to the organisation in the past can have a powerful influence on the future, without you often being aware of it as an employee or employer.



At this moment family constellations are held in Dutch.
If you want to register you can do so at the dutch registration.

Unfortunately, there are no available dates remaining for personal constellations. You can however be placed on a waiting list. I do have places available for representatives. Enquiries as to availability can be made via the contact form.


Fort aan de Klop (Utrecht),
Wachthuis, Room F.                        10.00 - 17.00


The cost of a personal constellation is € 300 ex. VAT. As representative, without a personal constellation, the cost is € 100 ex. VAT. The price includes lunch and refreshments during the day.