Additional terms and conditions Elsvansteijndefontein B.V. platform

Article 1 General

  1. Definitions:
    a. Workbook refers to a guide specifically designed to assist individuals in exploring and practicing family constellations independently. The workbook may consist of multiple parts and includes various exercises, questions, visualizations, and instructions to guide the reader in conducting their own family constellation.
    b. Online platform refers to a digital environment where customers/users can participate in an online program.
    c. Online program refers to various personalized online programs, such as the "Find Your Place" program, offered on Els van Steijn's online platform.
    d. Materials for constellations refer to tools used for conducting constellation work, such as family constellations.
  2. Prior to using the online platform, the customer must agree to both the general terms and conditions and these additional terms from Els van Steijn. These documents do not limit each other's scope but are intended to reinforce each other. By agreeing, the customer also confirms that they have read and understood the terms.
  3. Upon receipt of payment for the online program, the customer will gain immediate access to the selected online program.
  4. In the context of platform use, the term "customer" will also refer to the user.

Article 2 Registration and Account

  1. After receiving the package, the customer can log in to the user environment of the platform; detailed instructions can be found here.
  2. Within a few days of receiving access, you will receive our workbook. In this workbook, you can record your personal findings, complete assignments, and note other important matters. This provides you with your own reference material.
  3. We do not store answers on our platform; you will use your personal workbook for this purpose.
  4. Regarding accessibility, the following rules apply:
    a. The user is responsible for ensuring their account has a strong password.
    b. The user must keep their chosen password confidential and not share it with others.
  5. Misuse of the online platform in any way will result in immediate deactivation and may entail legal consequences.

Article 3 Rights and Obligations

  1. The information on the platform and in the workbook is not intended to replace services or information provided by trained (medical) professionals. The information in the workbook and on the platform should not be seen as a replacement for medical, psychological, or other care, and it is not intended as a tool for making a (self)diagnosis. The information is intended as general information representing a possible perspective on family constellations. This means that users cannot attribute diagnostic or therapeutic value to the information for their own medical situation or that of others.
  2. Users have the right to use the platform for personal use and may not copy, reproduce, or distribute content or functionality without prior permission.
  3. Users are advised to promptly consult a healthcare professional with medical or psychological complaints.
  4. Els van Steijn does not provide any form of direct or indirect medical and/or psychological advice (e.g., via phone or email) intended to replace professional medical advice. Therefore, user emails related to specific medical issues will not be answered.
  5. Users are responsible for treating the provided digital content on the platform and in the workbook truthfully and respectfully, and they may not share their personal access code with third parties.
  6. Users can terminate their account at any time by following the necessary steps as indicated on the platform.
  7. In case of prolonged consecutive inactivity (24 months), the account will generally be deactivated, and associated data will be automatically deleted.
  8. Els van Steijn reserves the right to terminate or suspend a user's account at any time and for any reason.

Article 3B Payment

In principle, services must be fully paid prior to the online training at ElsvanSteijndeFontein B.V. However, we do offer an alternative payment option specifically for the online training.

At ElsvanSteijndeFontein B.V., it is possible to pay for the online training in installments. The total amount will be automatically debited from your account in 6 installments via direct debit (automatische incasso).

The amount related to the online training will be collected through a direct debit authorization. Prior to this, you must always provide consent for this direct debit. You can withdraw your direct debit authorization at any time by notifying ElsvanSteijndeFontein B.V. in writing. However, in such a case, the remaining outstanding amount must be settled within 14 days.

4. Regarding the unauthorized reversal of a direct debit, ElsvanSteijndeFontein B.V. will charge administrative fees of €.37,50 and the amount will still be collected.

If payment is not received, ElsvanSteijndeFontein B.V. reserves the right to engage a collection agency, and the associated costs will be borne by the customer.

Article 4 Intellectual Property Rights

  1. All intellectual property rights related to the content and functionality of the platform and associated online programs remain the property of the platform owner.
  2. The user declares and warrants that the use of the content does not violate privacy rights, publicity rights, copyright, contract rights, intellectual property rights, or any rights of any person.

Article 5 Privacy and Complaints

  1. Privacy and its protection are crucial to Els van Steijn. Els van Steijn places significant value on safeguarding personal information and strives to ensure user privacy. This is achieved, among other things, by:
    a. Limited collection of personal data, meaning that only data strictly necessary for providing services is collected in compliance with legal standards. Personal data is used solely for platform management and technical support facilitation.
    b. Data security, involving appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure the safety and confidentiality of personal data. This also means that third parties performing tasks for us have limited access and that additional agreements are made with them.
    c. Consent and control, giving users the right to withdraw their consent at any time and to access their data.
    d. Retention periods, meaning that personal data is stored only for as long as necessary to provide services and comply with legal obligations. After the retention period expires, personal data is securely deleted.
  2. Nonetheless, users are responsible for protecting their own privacy and personal data, notwithstanding Els van Steijn's efforts in this regard.