Do you recognise that wonderful feeling of being empowered as an individual and being able to resolutely claim your place? Or is your life being lived for you and do you regularly encounter the same patterns in both your personal and professional life?  

Using the metaphor of the fountain, this practical book provides insight into numerous human themes including feeling guilty (or innocent), taking on too much responsibility, maintaining relationships and letting go. 

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PRICE: € 14,95 (free postage in the Netherlands)

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About the book

Control of your life through insight into your family system.

Do you encounter the same problems repeatedly in your daily life and do you want to shake off an indefinable feeling? Do you often feel guilty and like to keep everyone on side? Are you stuck in an unhealthy relationship or is contact with your parents difficult? How do you learn to deal with this, so you can bring a greater sense of calm to your life?

Stubborn patterns in your life can often be traced back to your family system; the inseverable connection with your family members. Just like nature, this system has invisible laws you’re often unaware of, but which have significant influence on your life. My handbook, full of practical tips and straightforward theories, explains how you can make systemic laws work for you, in order to live life to the full.

Using the fountain as metaphor for the family system, you learn what your own, unique place is. Once in your place, you receive the flow essential to how your life progresses. Unconsciously, many people are not in the right place, meaning they can experience problems in all kinds of areas. This book provides insight into the working of the fountain and gives you more control over your life.

Find your rightful place using The Fountain and allow your life to become better than ever before.


PRICE: € 14,95 (free postage in the Netherlands)

Book is coming soon




‘When you travel, you take your own patterns with you. I too still have a lot of work to do on myself. During my last trip I read ‘The Fountain’. I was intrigued by the theory: the insights help to keep me growing as a human being.’ - Floortje Dessing



‘This book makes me kinder to myself and to others. It gives me a sense of calm.’ - A.H. from Amsterdam.



'You start to look at things and recognise them in a different way. The wonderful thing is that I’ve also now been made aware of things that are good for me.’ - M.W. from Bussum



'A beautiful and gripping handbook for stability and plenty of shine in your life.' - L.R. from Santpoort



'Certain chapters are very painful and really hit home to me as a person. I haven’t often encountered this in a book.' - E.A. from Rotterdam