The art is to stand in your own place and permit the other person their place. When you do this, you create connection with yourself and the other person. Connection provides strength, with which you can achieve valuable goals. Are you standing firmly in your place? 

els van steijn

The book, ‘The Fountain, Find your Place’ gives you control of your life through insight into your family system.

Do you recognise that wonderful feeling of being empowered as an individual and being able to resolutely claim your place? Or is your life being lived for you and do you regularly encounter the same patterns in both your personal and professional life?   

Using the metaphor of the fountain, this practical book provides insight into numerous human themes including feeling guilty (or innocent), taking on too much responsibility, maintaining relationships and letting go. 

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As an individual or as a team, you’re looking for a way to realise your goals. Coaching provides you with a mirror, so you can become even more aware of what is happening. Subsequently, you will learn how to deal with this appropriately. You can be coached individually, but also as a team.

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As a human being, you’re part of a network of relationships, also called a ‘System’. The resulting pull influences you both consciously and unconsciously. This is relevant to both families and within organisations. How can you make this dynamic visible and manageable?

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The woman behind many experiences

Els is described by her clients as warm, professional, passionate about what she does and able to identify sore spots. Her metaphor of ‘The Fountain’ is often the missing piece of the puzzle that enables you to move on. 

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At this moment family constellations are held in Dutch.
If you want to register you can do so at the dutch registration.

Unfortunately, there are no available dates remaining for personal constellations. You can however be placed on a waiting list. I do have places available for representatives. Enquiries as to availability can be made via the contact form.


Fort aan de Klop (Utrecht),
Wachthuis, Room F.                        10.00 - 17.00


The cost of a personal constellation is € 300 ex. VAT. As representative, without a personal constellation, the cost is € 100 ex. VAT. The price includes lunch and refreshments during the day.



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